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Tracy Energy Technologies Inc. is a high-tech enterprise selected by Nanjing "Leading Science and Technology Venture Talents Acquisition Program" and supported by Jiangsu "Double Creation Program" and "1000 Plan" of China National Central Group Department. The company concentrates on the research and development of integrated geological-engineering software and technical consultation in the process of oil and gas exploration and development, as well as the "intelligent reservoir" management and service combined with big data and artificial intelligence technology.
The company's core technology and products are big data driven high-precision complex oil and gas reservoir geological modeling - ultra-efficient production flow simulation - automatic history matching and process optimization system. In recent years, combined with artificial intelligence algorithm, a new model method and workflow of "data + physics" has been put forward, which realizes the deep integration of modeling, numerical simulation and big data technology. More than 130 complex and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs in and out of China have achieved unique and effective application.
As the pioneer of the breakthrough and successful application of big data and artificial intelligence technology in reservoir development, the company has become the only strategic partner and governing unit of "National Big Data Engineering Center" in the field of resources and environment since May 2017. It has also become the only Chinese affiliate enterprise in the "Smart Fields Consortium" led by Stanford University since December 2017. 

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