Software Customization

We have 5 patents of invention and 30 software copyrights, and have assisted clients in more than 20 software copyright applications.


Our core strengths in software development business are:


1. Integrated data platform for exploration and development: providing data management from seismic processing and interpretation, drilling/mud logging/coring/well logging/well testing/testing data to completion engineering technology, well production performance/monitoring, etc., during reservoir exploration and development life cycle.


2. Enterprise-level visualization system: based on three-dimensional engine Open Inventor, providing integrated exploration and development three-dimensional display components and secondary research and development capabilities; providing all three-dimensional geological body standard plane/profile maps, and fast generation and customization of logging/production curve maps.


3. Advanced core business algorithms: including geological statistics, fracture modeling, unstructured mesh generation, adaptive dynamic mesh refinement, reservoir simulation, fracturing simulation, automatic history matching, intelligent optimization of development plans, etc.


4. TET-Suite, an integrated software platform for modeling and simulation, geoscience and engineering: providing detailed reservoir research and management decision-making software for conventional geological modeling, high-resolution fracture modeling, integrated simulation of whole process of fracturing-flowback-production, intelligent matching and optimization, etc.


5. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: big data analysis technology is used to synthesize dessert prediction, well completion and optimization design of development plan; Artificial Intelligence algorithm forms fast proxy model of reservoir simulation, realizes high-precision historical fitting and real-time prediction decision.

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