Super-fast, easy-to-use geological modeling tool: LandMod

LandMod features modeling of complex structures with high quality, large number of geological grids generated very rapidly. Optimized Kriging algorithms maximizing multi-core CPU and GPU resources enable fast calculation of petrophysical property population. Concise and self-explanatory interface with user-friendly workflow wizards makes geological modeling an easy task and fun game.

Horizons construction based on seismic and well data
Interactive faults cosntruction from seismic interpretations and falut stick/polygan
Quality check against well layering and other hard data

Complex faults constrained, massive stratigraphic grid construction 
Corner-point, tetrahedral, and prism grid generation
Mapping among grids of different shapes and resolutions
Facies/lithology modeling from well log interpretations, or facies maps constructed from third party tools 
Auto zoning on facies mdeling results; property modeling given facies distribution and constraints
Simple, ordinary, and co-Kriging algorithms deployed and optimized on multi-core CPU-GPU framework 
Sequential and indicator Gaussian simulation for stochastic modeling

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