Multi-Scale, highly detailed discrete fracture modeler: LandFrac

LandFrac features modeling of natural and hydraulic fractures in different scales based on pre- and post- stack seismic interpretations, corrected and calibrated with image logs, core measurements, and any other hard data knowledge. Critical and large-scale fractures are modeled individually and explicitly using unstructured prism or tetrahedral grids. This highly detailed model is fed into our next generation simulator LandSim for precise flow simulation.

Cross-well, small-scale fractures interpreted from image logs
Stochastic moddeling of small sacle fractures
Equivalent property modeling to account for contributions of small scale fractures

Direct imports of pre-satck fracture interpreations
Unique 3D reconstruction to yield full fracture geometry from seismic interpreted fracture elements
Dual-porosity model construction from connected small to medium fracture network
Incorporates large scale fracture predictions such as ant-tracking reuslts, maximum curvature interpretaions, etc.
Forward and inverse simulation of hydraulic fracturing process
Discrete modeling of critical and large scale fractures
Fully 3D tetrahedral or prism gridding for precise representation of discrete fractures
Exhausitve modeling options including Equivalent media, DPDK, EDFM, DFM, and hybrid models to balance efficiency and accuracy

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