Technical Consulting

Tracy Energy Technologies engages in the development and technical consultation of the integrated geoscience-engineering software during of oil and gas exploration and exploitation, as well as the construction, management and service of ‘intelligent reservoir’ based on the combination of big data and artificial intelligence technology.


The company's core technology and product is the new generation intelligent reservoir simulation system. The commercial-level development of high-precision discrete modeling-ultra-high efficiency fracturing process and production flow simulation-automatic history matching and optimization software system for complex oil and gas reservoirs driven by large data has been realized, which makes it possible to integrate geoscience-engineering simulation and whole process optimization; it has achieved unique and effective applications in more than 130 complex and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs in and out of China. Since 2016, a new model framework, the ‘data-physics’ model has been put forward by further incorporating artificial intelligence algorithm. The new technology system and software products of ‘intelligent reservoir’ based on this framework have been successfully applied in North America, North China Sea, Middle East, Bohai Sea and other reservoirs.

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