High resolution, multi-physics, next generation reservoir simulator: LandSim

LandSim is the only commercial simulator that features highly detailed simulation in fully 3D, unstructured grid systems, with complex flowing mechanisms including slippage, diffusion, desorption, and turbulence etc. It offers flow-based upscaling, automated history matching functionalities, and state-of-the-art 3D visualization for model/results display and diagnosis.

Fully compatible with Eclipse DATA file keyword format
Direct loading of 2D/3D simulation results in Eclipse format
Built-in Eclipse launcher and visualizer for legacy users and benchmark comparison

Full resolution of complex faults/fractures using unstructured gridding and discrete modeling techniques
Generalized and extendible formulation for complex flowing mechnisms modeling in unconventional reservoirs
Adaptive gridding/upscaling to balance accuracy and efficiency
Supports dynamic change in grid cell properties, PVT, Kr and Pc curves for long-history reservoirs
Highly-efficient linear solver and preconditioner combination with 10-100x speedups for large/complex problems
Integrated UI for deck preparation, simulation launching, and results visualization, comparison and diagnosis
Automated history matching using deep learning algorithms
Built-in optimizer for quick and convenient optimization on ODP

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